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Bill M.

Scott is an outstanding instructor but much more so he is an fabulous person.  He is outgoing and caters to your needs during course and inspires you to do your best.  Some of us are critical of ourselves but he sees through that and makes you even better.  Scott is a good friend, great dive buddy and a super individual.  Cannot go wrong learning from this person.

"Thank you Bill for this customer review for Scott Cameron Scuba in Austin".

Sharon Y.

Simply the best...patient, Scott displayed real concern for his students safety, doesn’t cut corners and makes you earn your certification. I learned so much from Scott and know my journey has just begun with the very best possible basic skills. Thank you, Mr Cameron the pleasure really was all mine. Even when the days didn’t go my way you never gave up on me. Fins Up!  Hope to dive with you again one day soon.

Tom & Lori K.

This is a follow up to our Open Water Diver course Lori and I took with Scott Cameron last week; 19-22 January. The course, instructor (Scott Cameron) made it a great experience and we look forward to our next courses with Scott on February 3rd. We were impressed with Scott’s patience and calm demeanor with one of our fellow students who was continually late, unorganized, rude and disrespectful. He went above and beyond to work with him and I don’t think I could have handled it any more professional than the way he did.

Keep up the great work and we look forward to diving on the third.

Tom and Lori K.

Ron C.

Thank you Scott Cameron and all of the folks @ MCWE for keeping Spring Lake pristine. Volunteers keep your gear sanitized... the bad stuff is sometimes microscopic!

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Megan J.

Scott is a through, safety oriented scuba instructor.  I had a great experience learning to dive with Scott (Feb 2019).  His love for diving makes the instruction fun.  I feel confident in the skills he trained me to know.  He is also a great source if you have questions about diving in Spring Lake (San Marcos, TX).  If you live in Central TX, you should consider training with Scott.

Allison W.

Scott, thank you so much! You are an amazing teacher. I will definitely leave wonderful reviews everywhere I can. You helped me conquer some life-long fears during this certification. 

Thanks again!!

Paul S.

Completed my PADI night diver certification at Spring Lake on a beautiful moonlit evening on Friday, thanks to Scott Cameron Scuba, Amine Maher, and Amanda Rich for their guidance and help!